Friday, April 20, 2012

Wood Shelves

My first wood project was this shelf with hooks.  I got my inspiration from The Idea Room.  I pretty much followed her instructions to the letter with only a few modifications.  The trickiest part was adding the corner molding, but her instructions were pretty thorough.  I made another one, larger but without the hooks.  The larger one was placed above two inexpensive bookcases that I screwed together and then added molding.  

These were my first projects using a compound miter saw.  I admit that I had to cut and re-cut to get the pieces to align properly and ended up having to buy additional molding.   In the end I believe my persistence paid off.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome To My First Blog

Since finding myself with a lot of free time I have been attempting some DIY projects, mostly with wood.  I have no experience using power tools - in fact I have always been quite intimidated by them - but with a little determination and encouragement from others I have been able to complete several small projects.  I have started this blog to share with others what I have done and maybe inspire other women.

This was my first project.  I found this wall hanging at an estate sale.  While I liked the general look of it, the colors didn't work.  I used Americana and Folk Art acrylic paints that I picked up from Michaels. As you can see, the general color theme is purple.  I decided to purchase only a few bottles of paint since I wasn't sure how it would turn out, and as I got into the project I determined that I needed more shades of purple so I starting mixing colors together - worked out pretty well.  This project took me about three weeks to complete - very arduous - but I am very happy with the results.